Sunday, 28 April 2013

New Group Gift

Why so Sad? Eye Make up on tattoo layer, tintable.

New Eyes: Circle Lenses & Poses

New eyes, Circle Lenses:
14 colors in 3 sizes each.

Also new at the store Stopping your heart pose set.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Freaky Tutus, Hats & Tea Time.

New Releases:

As you can see 4 freaky mesh Tutus with corresponding hats. Transparencie on Tutu layers are editable and a demo is available at the store.

Self explanatory enough? Just in case: You get a cup of tea and a plate. The cup is scripted so when you wear it you hold the cup over the plate and drink from it at random times, adooooooooooorableh!!


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bunny Maid Dress Bundle


I'm alive, after many tribulating turbulences in recent times I'm back with a new release.

Bunny Maid Dresses in Black & Pink.

Each dress bundle comes with:
3 piece dress set. Top , High Waist Pants & Flexi Skirt.
And all accessories: Cuffs, collar, Gloves, Stocking (Which I stupidly forgot to print in the ad *facepalm*) & a cute feather duster.
All prim parts are Copy/Mod.

Also, each dress has a strapless top sold separately in case you prefer a strapless dress, it also can be worn as a top, just like the other top.

Notice that you can achieve a different look by wearing the top on top of the High Waist Pants or under. As shown in the ad picture (first picture). It's a little detail but changes the dress quite a bit so you won't get tired, add to that the strapless version and you have a lot to play with with this set :)

I hope you enjoy this dress.