Saturday, 13 July 2013

Moved again! and new exciting stuff.

Hello friends, I hope you're all enjoying the summer, as for me, I hate the heat, it makes my brain malfunction. Anyway I moved again, I wasn't using half of my prim allowance in the last parcel so I moved to a smaller one.
So Rotten Toe is now here.

New stuff for the summer:

I bumped into an amazing shop called DollyDarling and I  got the 'inspiration' to do these tiaras in sl for my avatar and they are on my gacha machine, they are copy/transfer mod/transfer so you can trade with friends. 
So if you fancy like something like that to wear in real life head to DollyDarling , they have loads of awesome stuff!.

New skin Ishka. It comes in Cream, Pale & Undead. Each skin pack contains 3 makeups, bust option, 3  different eyebrow tattoo to add expression in 2 shades each. 

Also New Ishka lipstick, pack of 8.
Here is an example of Ishka Lipstic "Rose" worn with AMITOMO's Bunny Skin.
Also worn: Ishka Shape, Negaposi 's "Dreaming Eyes", Lamb hair Little Queeny, Rotten Toe Dress Group Gift "Antique Doll dress" and Alice in Wonderland tattoo from V Tattoo Store.

A new Group gift!: Creepy Doll Head Tiara

Also 2 makeup: