Thursday, 5 May 2016

Diseased Gacha

#1 ill Sadie: ill Sadie eyebrow-less skintone in Porcelain & Alabaster tines with appliers and 'sores option'.
#2 Irritation Eye-Shadow: 3 different version including a tintable one.
#3 Allergic Chloe, Porcelain:  Allergic Chloe eyebrow-less skintone in Porcelain tone with appliers  and two option lip and 'sores option'.
#4 Allergic Chloe, Alabaster: Allergic Chloe eyebrow-less skintone in Alabaster tone with appliers and two option lip and 'sores option'.
#5 Emaciated Blush: 2 system tattoo blushes, tintable.
#6 Anaemic Eyes: 3 pair of eyes, each come in 3 sizes and also included prim eyes.
#7 Damaged Lipstick: 6 different lipstick option for system tattoo layer and also includes Loud Mouth appliers.
#8 Deadly Shape: a mod/trans Shape and tintable eyebrows (pictured on add)

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Spring Griup Gift: Dorothy Base Hair

Hi all,
I made a gift for spring. It's a braided hair base and you can use on any skintone. It comes in black, brunette, blonde and an extra fully tintable option for your wildest hairstyles.
I hope you enjoy it.

Also remember that Dorothy skintone (pictured above) is also availabre at the store.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Hello, this is my new skin Dorothy
as usual you get several skintones and Omega, Maytreya, Slink and Loud Mouth appliers

PS: Look out for my spring group gift coming out tomorrow!
My Landmark Here
Or buy it from the Marketplace

Friday, 11 March 2016

Axolotl Mesh Gills Gacha!

My mesh axolotl Gills Gacha is out!
All gills are scripted with color change options for the bow, hide/show bows and pendant option etc...
Go to my Landmark page for a taxi to my in-world store.


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Saoirse Skin

Call me neophobic, old fashion or whatever but I'm still not feeling the whole mesh head thingy.
I have some absurd emotional attachment to the system avatar especially the head. Don't those system eyes seem more soulful than the mesh counterparts? I'd say yes! Anyway, don't worry if you disagree with me because my new skin has OMEGA appliers! finally! and that means, you can probably use it with  multiple mesh heads (if you're into that type of thing)
I also updated my skin "Ruby" for the Omega /Maitreya / Slink and Loud Mouth appliers.

You can get the DEMO for Saoirse in the marketplace for your convenience.
And the Full version.

Or visit my store in-world, which is double the fun!

PS: If you bought "Ruby" before send me a notecard in world with your transaction if you have it, if not just send me a notecard and let me know so I can send you the update with all the appliers and a new skintone.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Maitreya Appliers for Ruby skin.

Hi, I made Maitreya appliers for my Ruby skin, they are available for 0L$ inside the demo.

Stylecard #6:

Skin: Ruby - Porcelain by Rotten Toe
Blush: Cute Facial Blush By Rotten Toe (Comming Soon)
Lipstick: Candygloss Lipstick 1 lt
Mesh body: Lara by Maitreya
Tattoo: Moonlight Justice by antielle.
Eyes: Allergic Eyes Gray by antielle.
Hair: Muse by [DUE]
Ears: Rotten Toe
Hair Bow: panda Hair Bow - RARE (texture change) by Katat0nik
Chips'n'Bow: part of the "FastFood Lolita" outfit by Rotten Toe.
Bunny: Hungry Bunny Doll (yellow) by Katat0nik
Chocker: (cupcake) bow chocker by Katat0nik
Necklace: (clown bunny) radio necklace by Katat0nik
Bow Cuff: Lingerie bow cuff by Katat0nik
Bracelet(right arm): macaroon bracelet by Rotten Toe (unreleased)
Top: Kawaii Top - Aqua by Rotten Toe
corse+skirt: part of "FastFood Lolita" Outfit by Rotten Toe
Stocking: Gluttony by antielle
Roller-Skates: N00220 - Roller Skates
Pet Cat: Persian Kitten - Sasha by .tsg.