Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sneak Peek

Here are some pictorial information about some of the new items.
First, I updated my most popular wig evAr, and I made a new version with a different fringe. I also added new colour and texture packs like the Lolita Pack that comes in Lolita Pink, Lolita Purple, Lolita Blue and streaks and the Grunge Pack which is great for zombies or role playing a character that doesn't wash or hates combs! lol
New hairstyle: Suspiria and Suspiria II (basically, the same with a different fringe)
Note that the actual hair is a tiny bit different than the pictures since I edited it further after I made the ads (that's just the way I roll) so come on the 4th and try the demos! ho ho hooho

And some cheapo hair Twiggy, that comes only in Grunge Black with 2 fringe options.

New outfits:
Tea Party Outfits Comes in Purple, Pink and Grey (pictured below) and maybe more colours if I have time before the opening!
The Skin also will be for sale although I'm not sure it'll be ready for the 4th.

The Tea Party Outfits come with Rigged Mesh Shorts and Underbust Corsets in seven sizes for which demos of course are provided. Also comes with underpants-stocking , bra and bolero jacket. You can wear the outfit without the mesh pants, only wearing the underpants, just not for Sunday's Mass! You can also wear the outfit without the mesh corset, or exchange the corsets. Oh, gloves and wrist cuffs are also included.
More stufffszz:
Beige Corset-Dress + Vintage Bodice:
Maggot outfit:
You can buy the top-dress + short top on their own or you can also buy the matching socks, necklace and ruff.
And rigged mesh shorts to match that go very well with the short version of the top:
Some low price accessories too like this hand pendant thingies:

There is a few more things but I don't have any more pictures so....maybe later!!
That's all for now.
See ya later aligater!

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Monday, 23 July 2012

Rotten Toe's re-opening on 4th August!

It's been a while but I'm finally re-opening my in world store! I'll post my new landmark on the 4th of August here on the blog and I will also send a notice in world.

Don't miss the re-opening! I will have tons of new stuff and I have also "rescued" most of my oldies and done updates etc.

Also, prices of almost everything will be marked down in the first week, from 4th August until August 12th.

And of course... lucky chairs, gatcha machines and a re-opening gift! for you to enjoy.

I'll be posting more info about the re-opening and the new products later on!

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