Saturday, 30 May 2015

Ruby Skin + tattoo eyebrows.

Some novelties:

Ruby Skin + Shape:
Ruby comes in three separate skintones: Porcelain, Alabaster and Caramel and it includes Slink appliers. Other appliers to come.

Ruby Eyebrow:
You can use Ruby eyebrows with any skintone as they are fully tintable and can match any imaginable hair color.

Worry Eyebrow:
You can also use worry eyebrows with any skintone, they can be tinted from very pale colors to darker shades as there are several version included.

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oxox kpc said...

Looks great are they for slink physique body or just the slink hands and feet's?

Elsa Liebknecht said...

Hi there, the slink appliers are for slink enhancement feet and hands. However I'm also planning on making appliers for slink body and maitreya lara.

Anonymous said...

Amazing skin, I would soooo love appliers for TMP. Please...?

Elisabel said...

i love rotten toe!
i love that you keep on going!
i wanted to know if there is a way to use your old skins with lolas, i mean, appliers or whatever you need to use them with lolas!